Friday, July 1, 2011

Nursing Care Plan

by Susana Tolentino

Mr. S. Solis, 77 years old, live in their house with his son a tricycle driver. Mr. Solis’swife of 58 years died 4 months ago, so his daughters who are living few towns away from their father becomes concerned about their father’s condition. He was diagnosed three years ago of
prostate cancer in addition to his leg injury sustained after he fell from a carabao during his teenage years. He can hardly walk straight but never used the quad cane his daughter bought for him. Although his prostate cancer doesn’t bother him, he eats very little saying “walang lasa ang food dahil hindi luto ng inay nyo”, later he refused to take a bath regularly and his son noticed that he is locking his cabinets and always holding his wallet tightly.

Functional deficit in mobility, nutrition, socialization, risk for safety and independence.

Nursing Diagnoses:
  • Risk for injury related to his movement without using safety device available;
  • Altered nutrition because of decrease in appetite and failure to prepare food for himself;
  • Risk for social isolation related to suspicion;
  • Risk for possible depression related to death of his wife

Goals and outcomes:
Physical Safety and Psychological Well-Being

Nursing Intervention:
  • Educating and reiterating the use of quad cane to walk around and rearranging the house so that Mr. Solis can move around independently.
  • Teaching intervention may include education to the family about balanced diet and preparation of food that would enhance his appetite.
  • Show support and regular visitation of the daughters to relieve their father’s loneliness and build his security ;
  • Referral to a psychiatrist that night need antidepressant therapy. If antidepressant therapy is prescribed for Mr. Solis, another nursing intervention is to monitor for and to teach about the possible side effects of antidepressant medication.

Focus on the data to indicate improvements in the identified areas of functional deficit.

In Mr. Solis' case, the purpose of nursing care derived form Watson's theory to promote dignity and harmony of mind, body and spirit. His dependency are seen as a opportunity for the family to give and receive love and concern rather than a burden for them.I was able to witness the change of behavior of both Mr. Solis and family towards each other. Caring starts from the family, the nurse helps to preserve, apply and show it.

Reference: Nursing Theories: 5th edition by Julia George

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