Friday, July 1, 2011


by Rose Zuzette M. de Leon

July 1, 2011, Riyadh

The moment you start sharing a part of yourself is the moment you start CARING. It is the very fabric of nursing, the air it breathes and the tune it sings. Today, I carefully analyzed each reason why I love my profession. I had to rewind a few years back where, as a child, I find it really amazing how a sponge bath can
decrease fever. It gave me an idea that whenever there is someone sick, a sponge bath plus a gentle touch will create miracles. My mom, who was very eager to answer my curiousity, said that nurses are angels in disguise who were sent by God to help people get well. I also began thinking that the nurse's cap is a halo. From then on, I enjoyed taking care of people. I love the idea of being an "angel" for a moment. No matter how physically tired I may be, even if I can hear my meal - deprived tummy growling of hunger or hold my bladder for a few more minutes, my heart will always be glad everytime my patient says, " Thank you." And when they ask how can they pay back, I will smile and say, "Simple. You just have to get well."

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