Group H


Well, I am Teresa or just call me "Tere". Presently, I am working Qatar as a charge nurse/acting head nurse in a medical unit. I have been working abroad for almost 19 years now. Why I am taking up MA? For sure, I will not be here forever, so I am making use of my extra time to study while working. Besides working alone is boring because of routinary activities so I thought online learning is a kind of challenge.

Thank you. It is great to be one of the group.  To be accepted in UPOU is already a challenge for me. I believe that I can do it with your assistance.



I am based in Saudi Arabia and have been working here for 10 years now. I have worked in both large private and government hospitals in Al-Khobar and Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I was a nurse manager in the Ambulatory Care in Saad Specialist Hospital- Al Khobar, KSA  for 9 years, covering Orthopedics Department, Urology, Nephrology and Chest and Allergy Centers. I also worked as the Senior Clinical Nurse in Procare Riaya Hospital- Al Khobar, KSA. Currently, I have chosen to be  employed as a staff nurse in King Fahad Specialist Hospital-Dammam  to  give time to myself to focus with my MAN in UPOU. I would still prefer to retire in my home country, the Philippines. I worked for a short period of time in Ontario, Canada as a caregiver to the elderly but I believe everything has a purpose why I have returned to Saudi Arabia.

I feel that I have my worth as a nurse here in Saudi Arabia. I am respected, valued and recognized as a nurse. Though people would say, Eastern countries provide "greener pastures", I would say, not always. Wherever we are, if we have the passion to care to others, and you touched and become part in saving lives, that is "greener pasture from the inside," which is far better that the green $ we earn.
Thank you, classmates. I am so glad to read everyone's sharing. I have learned so much from the discussions. Hope I have also left something for you in this sharing. (whew! i have been logged out coz my log-in session has expired, so this is my second time to type my discussion topic...thank God!)

God bless everyone! Good night...(it is 9pm here,Al Khobar KSA,17 June 2011)


I am Raydene Grace Llavan-Betache, from Iligan City.I worked in a hospital as a staff nurse for 2 1/2years and spent another 2 years as Clinical Instructor. I'm taking Master of Arts in Nursing for Professional Growth- to be able to cope with the fast evolving Nursing Profession.I have faith that this course will broaden my understanding of theories and its application, help me develop critical thinking on the issues and problems affecting the profession itself and in the health care delivery system and most of all increase my competence in a major field in Nursing.

I know UPOU is one of the learning institutions that adhere to the best principle in Distance Learning or should we say Online Learning and that is to "Enjoy The Flexibility Without Compromising the Quality".

This kind of Learning offers lot of challenges......Aside from time management, being resourceful and highly motivated, we should learn how to LOVE & USE new technologies........COMPUTER........INTERNET...... smile A MUST to surpass the challenges.



I am Ria Valerie Cabanes [Ria for short]. I am from batch 2006 of UERMMMC (University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center). I worked at Cardinal Santos Medical Center for 2 years as a staff nurse. For the most part, I provided care for OB-Gyne and Pediatric patients.

The desire to experience a new milieu and a new function aside from being a staff nurse in a hospital setting motivated me to enroll for this course. I do believe that finishing a graduate degree gives an individual wider selection for opportunities regarding professional as well as personal advancement.

My expectations would include thought-provoking yet fun-filled activities within the portal. I am looking forward for stimulating exchanges of ideas – it has been 5 years since I last joined a class ;)) and in addition to that, internet being our learning medium adds to the challenging expectations we all have to adjust to; thus making this experience really exigent.

I have been familiar with the web for such a long time but nothing has been more serious than this, making me positively anxious than ever. Nevertheless, I have faith that with God’s help, we can all be able to surpass this insha Allah.

Nice to meet you all!


Hi everybody..just accessed myportal 2 days ago but I don't have the time to introduce myself due to JCI accredition on my present work this past week.

I am working as an occupational health nurse in one of the biggest liquified natural gas supplier in the world. Me and my family are based in Qatar and had been working here for more than a year now.  Mostly we are dealing with health assessment and risk analysis of the work environment in the company.   

I decided to take up this couse mainly for professional growth and development. At the same time, it will be an additional credit on my resume.  My wife will be taking all the credits in encouraging me and supporting me in this endeavour.

When I first opened the portal and saw all the things that should be done, I said to myself "This is it".  I know it's not easy, and it's a big challenge. However I told myself that this is what we nurses are made for.  We don't crack under pressure. So go and take the challenge. Just manage your time and it will be just fine.

Online learning is good, because it gives you flexibility. You can study wherever or whenever you want. Your own pace, own place, own time.  


 Hi there everyone! i'm Shielisse dela cruz , you can call me "shiel". I graduated BS nursing year 2005 UST, i took several exams to be able to work in the u.s I passed but unfortunately retrogression came in. So while waiting for my visa, I started to work as a staff nurse (2007) in our university hospital (USTH), medical surgical ward pay division. A year ago, i planned to study MAN at UST, but then I realized, what UST again... hehe then I came across to upou which is great because i'll be what they call "iskolar ng bayan"(yipee) and its convenience. so here I am, so excited for the change and nervous because I'm not used to distance education.

Working as a bedside nurse, i was able to interact with different kinds of patients, cases, and environment. Taking a higher degree will help me, to be more competent as a nurse and i'm also planning to teach nursing few years from now. in this course i hope i can learn things which i can share to my fellow nurses and apply it to my

(do you anticipate challenges)
haha! yeah. well for me learning online is a challenge already! But i do hope i will be able to conquer it!


Hi Everyone! I am Zuzette de Leon, Zet for short. I am currently based in Riyadh, KSA. I have been working in a Medical - Surgical unit since 2008. I pursued graduate studies for professional growth, gain more confidence in my practice and serve as an inspirational tool for the rest of my colleagues. Hope to hear from you guys! smile My warmest greetings to each and everyone!



Good day. I am Mr. Ray Dominic R. Ladera, a registered nurse since 2006, and my work background includes being casual/volunteer nurse at the Eastern Samar Provincial Hospital in 2008, and working as an instructor in 2007, and in 2009 up to the present in the College of Nursing of Eastern Samar State University wherein I handle both major and minor subjects including Human Anatomy and Physiology, Community Health Nursing, basic Social Sciences, Health Ethics, Nursing Research and Nursing Care Management.
I enjoy teaching and nursing education has been my interest since I started taking up nursing back in the days.
The reason why I took distant learning education is that I want to try something new apart from what I have been accustomed to studying in a face-to-face lecture discussion. I aim to be motivated on my own to learn using available resources particularly the web and interacting lecture discussion through distant mode or internet is definitely a new learning to get used to. I would also like to learn and probably implement to my students a different approach into learning aside from common classroom discussions.
I recently got the grasp to go into nursing research since our college encourages us to venture into health researches as faculties ourselves and thinking distant learning would motivate me to do so.
I am looking forward to vigorous and challenging journey throughout this course and the rest of the semesters if I would survive, studying and teaching at the same time that is – being a student and a teacher as well. The learning and the experience I will gain from studying for my Masters would be beneficial for my students and to our college as well.
...and so I will keep a good faith

Thank you. 


Salam! Its good to see you here. At long last, we are classmates - virtually. Hope we can surpassed the difficulties here being a distance education student.Hope to hear from you soon!


A Pleasant day everyone!  I am very pleased to be here and is very much eager to know my classmates in this virtual classroom. I believe we are all here, called by a common goal, not only to become excellent nurses in our fields but also for the noble cause of giving back to our community by providing quality health care, quality education for future nurses as educators/clinical instructors, clinical supervisors or managers in various fields of nursing and management posts and field of research.

My name is Valentin Antonio Lomugdang III, currently working as a staff nurse in one of the hospitals in California, USA. My colleagues at work calls me Val or Valentin. Either way works for me, whichever is comfy for you. I have worked as a registered nurse in Singapore, New Zealand and the USA. My experience in nursing includes, Medical/Surgical Nursing, Telemetry and Hemodialysis among others. It's been over 15 years since I graduated from college and this makes me feel like a senior citizen in this class not to mention a bit rusty. I have recently joined a new (for me) area in nursing and is currently working in Forensic Psychiatry. This has ignited the fire in me to pursue my masters in nursing. This was an area I never dreamt of working as a nursing student but this has made me realize that there is such a vast area that we have to learn aside from the usual (med-surge-pathophysiology-sort-of-stuff) and I intend to specialize in psychiatric nursing (psychiatric nurse educator) someday.

Some of you may ask why the long wait and took me over 15 years before I enrolled into an MA program. Well, obligation and responsibilities at home has held me back for sometime. I always wanted to study as a full time student but it's hard to make compromises. Now I'm here, juggling a full time job , a part time job on the side and home responsibilities; but I know when we put our heart into something, WE CAN ACHIEVE IT.

I would be very pleased to hear from you and I will try my best to reply and participate in your posts as time allows.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!
Hello everyone!  (I'll make this introduction as concise as possible. So pardon my construction. Thanks!)  I'm Twinkle "Twinx" Loyola. I've been a Performance Improvement Practitioner in Makati Medical Center for 2 months and a former PICU nurse in St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City (1 year 8 mos).

I'm taking up MA in Nursing to gain more knowledge and be able to contribute in our profession.

Though I'm anxious and still adjusting, I expect that this course will prepare and help me gain my study momentum.

For me, online learning is the most advisable way of learning for working people who want to study and still achieve balance in life. The only challenge for online learners perhaps is lack of motivation and eventually taking the courses for granted.


Hello everyone! I am Stephanie Anne Macalde. You can just call me Steph or Stephy. I am currently living in Antipolo City. I have been working as an Operating Room Nurse at St. Luke's Medical Center-Global City for almost 2 years. But I have been to some of the areas such the the Delivery Room, Maternity Unit, Cathlab, and Cancer Unit.

When I was still in college, I have of heard of this online-based learning for taking up your MA at UPOU. It got me curious as to how it works and this made me enrol in this institution. My thirst for knowledge and eagerness to learn more inspired me to take up MA Nursing. Likewise, I was also planning to have my MA after I graduated in BS Nursing.

I would take online learning as a new venue for learning. It entails having to use the Internet and a different challenge from having to study and attend a class. It will be exciting to find classmates from different countries. This course can also help me enrich my knowledge of nursing and can also help me in my work as a staff nurse.

I am eager to study and learn with fresh vigor of energy and I am looking forward to meet all my classmates!



 Hi! My name is Rina Marie Nantes from Davao City. I've been working in Pag-IBIG Fund Davao branch for almost 20 years assigned in Cash Division for the past three years. Nursing is my second degree and from the year I passed the board exam, that is February 2008 to present I have not practice my profession. It is for this reason that I decided to enrol in UPOU. I need to continue to learn and acquire knowledge because my present job is not nursing practice related. Studying in distance education also fits my very busy schedule. 

I hope to learn a lot and acquire more friends as well.

Good luck to us all and God bless.


Hello! I am Sheila May Ngan, a graduate of Chinese General Hospital College of Nursing batch 2005.

My work experience is mainly as a NICU nurse for two years. I have also worked as a Medical Transcriptionist. Right now, my activities involve Nursing Informatics with projects related to mHealth (mobile health). I am honored to have worked with Mr. Kristian Sumabat (PNIA president) and the rest of his team on certain projects related to mHealth and health information systems.

The reason why I took MAN is because I would like to expand my knowledge on nursing and apply it to improve health systems in our country. I would like to participate mainly on nursing research and be able to share my knowledge in the academe.  My expectations? Well, I expect that at the end of this course, I will be able to have deeper knowledge on nursing theories and be able to really relate to these theories in my line of work.  I am quite excited to be a distant learner. Although I am sure that this is not an easy path to take, I believe that the challenges I will face would make me a more disciplined, responsible, and focused person. Once again, thank you and may we all pass!


Good day to you my fellow e-learners and FIC! My name is Ryan Pagaling and i am currently residing in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Basically, i grew up here since my parents are working here. I am currently working in Riyadh Military Hospital as a Staff nurse for Preventive Medicine Division-Research unit. I've been working now for 3 years and decided to take MAN for the purpose of continuous learning and to further enhance my skills in the field of Research. I am hoping that my expectation is wrong regarding this course because i find it really hard since i am situated abroad and it is my first time to experience e-learning. I am sure that as i go along with the course, that difficulties would soon lessen as i adapt to it. Although a lot of challenges may arise, i am hoping i can face them and eventually surpass such challenges. I hope to hear from you soon and let us start our day right by making learning fun!

Thank you and god bless.


My name is Paul working as a nurse here in Washington DC. Before I left P.I. I was 12 units short for my MAN degree. Looking back I have no regrets, I decided on what's best on the situation that time. I think online is the "in thing" now especially for working professionals. It just bringing education wherever you are and on your own pace. Challenges ? Aside from the fact that I'm not computer savvy, its the area of concentration I've enrolled. I work in an Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center on Pediatrics and here I am with focus on this program on Adult Health Nursing. I'm back to Square One on my MAN. I just think positive, I see this just like in a race..but this time I want to cross the finish line !!


Hi guys! It may be a late introduction but this is better than never as we often chuckle. I'm Richelle Ann from Surigao City, Mindanao. For almost 3 years, I as well have worked as a hospital nurse in a government hospital in our locality. Been a Medical-Surgical and OB-Gyne Nurse all these years and is currently assigned in Hemodialysis Unit in the same hospital.

I can't wait to have a lively online interaction with you. May this post-graduate education bring us not just better knowledge and skills, but friendship as well. God bless everyone and happy return of school days! smile


Hi everyone! My name is Vida Vanessa Tan, you can call me Vida. I've been working as a staff nurse for more almost three years now. My first experience was in a private hospital in Riyadh, KSA, I worked there for 2 years in the emergency department. During those two years it was so busy that I only got time for work, sleep and eat, so I decided finish my contract and apply to another hospital. I'm currently working in a government hospital in Jeddah, KSA. I'm already 8 months here assigned in the Male Surgical Ward. Taking up MAN was really a part of my plan ever since I started working but before I didn't have the time and I didn't know how I will go about my studies since I'm working abroad. When my colleague informed me about UPOU i didn't hesitate and I applied immediately. I'm loving my work right now and I think I'd be able to appreciate it more now that I'm taking up MAN. It has been years since I last studied so I guess I'm a bit rusty when it comes to the Nursing Foundations, but I'm willing to take the challenge.

I think distance education would be interesting. I'm always willing to learn new things. Looking around the myportal website and finding out how things work was at first nerve-wracking but now it is pretty exciting.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and I hope we will all have a very fruitful semester!


I am Mrs. Susana Leyva Tolentino, 56 years old,class 1977 of Chinese General Hospital School of Nursing a Graduate Nurse, then BSN Supplemental Graduate class 1978 of Lyceum of Batangas. Worked in St. Patrick's Hospital Med Center for 25 years, holding the position Asst. Chief Nurse when I had my early retirement.I worked in Armed Forces Hospital Khamis Mushayt KSA as a Senior OR nurse(2001-2004), then in the International Hospital Of Bahrain as a Senior Theater Nurse (2005-2007). When I got back here, there's a need of Clinical Instructors so I applied in the University of Batangas wherein I am still a part of the College of Nursing and Midwifery.

As part of the academe, my clinical experience is not enough, I need to grow in theoretical knowledge so I can impart more to my students in spite of my age. I need to learn new techniques and innovations continuously which I cannot get by merely reading alone.

At the end of this course, I expect to apply appropriate principles, theories and concepts in education, clinical practice and research.

Online education is new to me but I will try my best to be a techi person also
I have to use the remaining days of my life in imparting knowledge and experience to future nurses like me.

nice to study with you!


I am Teddy, a 22-year old registered nurse from La Union. I am working as a full-time in-patient nurse at a medical center for almost a year now and a part-time lecturer for a Manila-based review center since 2009. 

As a staff nurse, I am currently assigned at a ward composed of special private rooms. We cater to all types of clients (psychiatric, medical, surgical, obstetric, pediatric, geriatric, palliative, etc.), with different types of needs, and from a variety of backgrounds (nationality, religion, character, occupation, etc). Staff from specialty wards in our hospital would often even refer to us as “Masters of Transcultural Nursing” since one of our constant challenges is the provision of personalized care to our very diverse clients.

I am taking up MA in Nursing as part of my commitment for continuous professional and personal growth. Working with experienced nurses and reviewers also inspires me to step up the academic ladder and explore new opportunities for learning.

Through this course, Theoretical Foundations of Nursing , I expect to learn more about the building blocks of our profession and gain new insights that may help me improve the delivery, quality and holism of care to our clients.

I am not new to online learning since some of our minor subjects back in college were offered via online track. For me online learning could be very exciting and dynamic, and considering that we are all professionals, we can all learn much from each other via our virtual interactions.

However, I still expect some few hurdles while adapting to UPOU’s Moodle and Google Mail. Having asynchronous interactions would also be a new challenge considering that we are also busy with our own lives and we come from different parts of the world.

But ultimately, I am optimistic that we could become better individuals from the online experience this course has to offer, as we become both independent and interdependent learners while balancing our own careers and personal commitments.

Looking forward to an exciting learning experience with all of you!


My name is Rosario Villasor. I am currently enrolled at the UP Diliman College of Education for my PhD in Special Education. I have cross-enrolled at the UPOU to take up my cognates in a field different from my degree program. My M.A. is also in Special Education.

I am a registered nurse since 2006 (October batch) and have worked at the Medical Center Paranaque as a volunteer nurse. This is my first time to try distance learning and I must say that it was a good idea to have enrolled in UPOU. It will allow me to learn more about this method of communicating and learning from my teacher and classmates in a very non-traditional way.  I hope to meet you all in our discussion forum.