Caring: What is it?

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CARING – Is as short as defining love. The amount of care you have given equates how much you love the recipient. You tend to give a part of yourself while doing this. It nurtures the relationship of the giver and the receiver, promotes trust and establishes an attitude that thinks less of oneself.
by Rose Zuzette De Leon

"Care is as abundant as air but as rare as a bald man’s hair.It is when we dare to spare effort and time to bear the burden for others.
We must bare the goodness in us with a prayer, not to only to stare at their scare.
It is when we swear to avoid snares by not looking at the glare of reward in return for our care.
But we must share the love of God with our pair of hands even without heir."
by Shielisse Dela Cruz 

 Caring – it is simply being thoughtful. It is also demonstrated when you are so willing to use up a part of your life which you can never retract (like time, love and effort); and still rearing to continue doing so even when you get nothing in return…
by Ria Valerie Cabanes

Caring is simply the willingness to provide concern and help to someone in times of need. As provider of care, to be caring is to look at the person as an integrated whole whose needs do not only revolve on physical but as well as on psychological and spiritual matters. It is through this way that patient-nurse relationship is founded and nourished.
by Richelle Ann Talingting

C - Curing is the Aim
A - Attentive and Advocate for one's well-being
R - Respectful and Treat a Person as a Human being
I  - Inspire
N - Nurturing
G - Giving LOVE and exhibit Concern and Empathy for Others.
by Paul Steve Sumortin

Caring is more than showing a concern or regards to one another. It is a demonstration of a passionate, selfless and true love. True caring go as far as giving your life to that person who needs care without something in return. I care because God cared for me first. My faith and love to my God who gave His life as a sacrifice for the whole world to be saved, planted in my heart this seed of passion to care to anyone, anywhere in the world.
I care because I have experienced care from Him. Care that is undescribable. Care that a greatest person can give------ His life for my salvation. My nursing work overtimes, my nursing care to other nationalities, especially from the Muslim country, my care of their safety and health....are all products of the greatest care that I have experienced. Who am I that He should care of? Nothing.....but He cares more than I thought! Thus, I care to share the care I have received!
by Anna Liza Bayona

Caring for is when I forget about my own problem to carry burden of others,
it is when I assist an elderly patient as if it was my own grandpa,
it is when I assist to give birth as if it was my own son,
it is when i give advise to a stranger as if it was my best friend,
it is when I give my own blood to someone in blood transfusion,
it is as if I give medications as if I am a miracle worker,
it is when I give bed bath as if I do it at home with my younger siblings
it is when I give NGT feeding as to nourish the soul,
it is when I make the patients bed as if it was my own bed,
it is when I care for a stanger, thinking he could be me or someone close to my heart... no matter what the situation is...
I give it all my best...

by Ray Dominic Ladera

by Stephanie Ann Macalde

-is touching someone's life with kindness and compassion without expecting in return.
-it is a means of communication which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
-it is an act of lovingkindness which implies "I love you. God Loves you. I care, God cares.
 by Raydene Grace Betache

Caring is when you let the person know that you are there for him/her without even asking.

Caring is when find ways to satisfy the needs of others as well as yours.

Caring is loving. Loving is caring. When you have both all else follows.
 by Vida Vanessa Tan

Caring is a humane act.  It is not as simple as or helping of a person get through difficult times - it's about diving into their shoes, their path, their pain and then helping them get through it
by Sheila May Lim-Ngan

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