Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scenes from the movie WIT (2001)

by Sheila May Ngan

The videos below were taken from the movie "Wit" starring Emma Thompson.

This is about a professor being treated for cancer.  In this snippet, I provided the interactions between the professor and her primary care nurse.

This movie had made great impact on me the first time I watched it in 2002.  I was a B.S. Biology student (as pre-medical course)  then and was being "pressured" by my parents to shift to nursing.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Nursing Care Plan

by Susana Tolentino

Mr. S. Solis, 77 years old, live in their house with his son a tricycle driver. Mr. Solis’swife of 58 years died 4 months ago, so his daughters who are living few towns away from their father becomes concerned about their father’s condition. He was diagnosed three years ago of

Lived Experiences In the Light of Jean Watson's Theory

by Teddy Untalasco, Jr.
July 1, 2011, Philippines
Pumasok ako kanina sa kwarto ng aking pasyente para sana mag-morning care. Nagulat ako kasi 7 years old lang ang pasyente, wala ang mga magulang niya at ang 11-year old lang na kapatid niya ang kasama niya sa kwarto. Bawal po ito sa regulasyon


by Rose Zuzette M. de Leon

July 1, 2011, Riyadh

The moment you start sharing a part of yourself is the moment you start CARING. It is the very fabric of nursing, the air it breathes and the tune it sings. Today, I carefully analyzed each reason why I love my profession. I had to rewind a few years back where, as a child, I find it really amazing how a sponge bath can

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Story of Mr. Choi

by Teddy Jr Untalasco

It was November last year when I was assigned to handle a certain patient. He was Mr. Choi (not his real name), a Filipino-Chinese male in his 40’s with chronic renal failure who was about to undergo another creation of an AV fistula. We knew him quite well already since he was “comebacker” (a term we used in our station to identify patients who were frequently readmitted

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Innate to Us All

by Paul Steve Sumortin
Working especially  in a foreign land entails a lot of sacrifices- homesickness, culture shock, language barriers, prejudism etc. I started working in a nursing home in Massachusetts . They called it a city - I called it a sleepy city. There's only 3 Filipinos who works in that facility including myself. Question like : Why are you here ?  , is the first question I encountered in my Day 1 at work.